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Game of Thrones season 7: what Sansa’s continued survival means for the future of Westeros

While everyone else squabbles over crowns, Sansa is feeding refugees....

The seventh season of 'Game of Thrones' ends tomorrow so the fans are asking so many questions and this includes Sansa' future in Westeros.

I love the woman that Sansa Stark has grown to become. Sansa has relied on strategic passivity for survival. Over seven seasons, GoT fans have seen Sansa outlast characters with more strength, more power, and more weaponry, again and again.

 Sansa’s survival is particularly unusual among the characters because throughout the show, she’s chosen to utilize a kind of strategic passivity rather than taking an active role in the power grabs and machinations around her.

She accepts help when offered and she makes people take revenge for her without actually getting her hands dirty.

Sansa has never used Littlefinger's attraction to her to manipulate him. When she asks for his help in the Battle of the Bastards, she reminds him of his long-ago promise, recalled in “The Door,” to protect her — a promise he broke when he delivered her into the hands of the Boltons. She promises him nothing in exchange for his help.

It’s this strategic lack of strategy that’s allowed Sansa to keep Littlefinger in her sights and in check for most of Game of Thrones’ seventh season. Sansa uses traditionally feminine traits of passive acceptance, appeasement, and tactics of mediation in order to stall her enemies, delay action, and divert attention from herself. In the game of thrones, Sansa plays by refusing to play, again and again.

Sansa Stark loves being the leader. Did you see her expression when Jon said that he was handing over power to her ?

Maybe Sansa might continue to be the 'Queen of the North' since Jon will probably be fighting with Daenerys for the throne since he is the rightful heir.


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