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Yvonne Nelson Made A Lot Of Sense With Her Shots BUT....Written By Afia English

The 2017 edition of the Golden Movie Awards was held on Saturday at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra,Ghana.

As usual, our regular slay queens did not fail to impress, and it seems Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has a problem with that..

Yvonne took to twitter to express her concern about the award scheme and the movie industry. .

Check out her tweets below;

Yvonne Nelson
This is meant for those with foresight !!Those who don’t only wake up and think about slaying but about getting Ghanaian content out there!

Yvonne Nelson @yvonnenelsongh
When an industry doesn’t know its priorities, this is what happens!!!! The shallow minds will def have a problem with this.

Yvonne Nelson @yvonnenelsongh
Listen,let’s put in same energy to bring back the dead industry rather than slay on carpets cuz truthfully y’all know there’s no work!

Yvonne Nelson @yvonnenelsongh
Waiting for the day there’s no production to nominate since that has skipped them!

Yvonne Nelson @yvonnenelsongh
The industry has so lost it’s way and they can’t even see it, they all going in that direction. Dressing up to be posted on SM.

Yvonne Nelson @yvonnenelsongh
A reality star…turned musician…..turned designer…..turned event organizer!!! Well she’s doing something with her life.

Yvonne Nelson @yvonnenelsongh
My neighbor was so concerned when the organizer slammed actors turned producers.

Yvonne Nelson thumbs-up for this piece. I agree with you totally .You really have a point..

Why is it that some stars only talk when their 'shine' starts to fade ?..
Did anyone stop Yvonne from slaying on the red carpet  when she was enjoying her time some years ago ?

And is she attacking organizers of Golden Movie Awards because Mimi Andani,the director of Golden Movie Awards, blamed actors turned producers for the failing standards pertaining the Ghana Movie Industry?
Earlier this year,Adele won a Grammy award that she thought she did not deserve and immediately, she said it on stage and mentioned Beyonce deserved it.

I am hoping for a day that a Ghanaian star who shines at an event will come out to condemn certain wrongs and not when they are excluded. .

Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with slaying for social media attention, so far as the attire is decent and clean..


  1. Yvonne Nelson not working hard? Can I ask... before you write and post your blogs... do you do ANY research at all orrrrr do you just fire out random shit from your brain?

    You, like most bloggers but not fans, seem to miss the point entirely, Yvonne is making the point that what are the awards for if there's no movies? It's like going to Graduation when you didn't even attend school!

    Nobody loves the Ghanaian movie industry more than Yvonne and nothing would make her happier than to see her colleagues succeed and she would do what she could to help. All your destructive, negative and uneducated commentary is a large chunk of the problem.

    Why not take some time to write a piece about what kind of material you as a consumer would pay to see? Why not write a piece about what could be done about piracy so producers can then raise a budget to make better quality movies?.. no.. you're too busy defending Instagram fame and Kardashian seque famous for being famous type behaviour.

    I say shame on you for trying to bring down someone who speaks from the heart. I'll be watching your career from here on.. but I guarantee I won't be watching for long if you don't change your approach to journalism.


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