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Why Is Adina Delaying In Giving Us Another Hit Song?..Written by Afia English

Ghanaian singer Adina  entertained us this year with a nice song titled 'too late' (my personal favorite ) ,and because the song was nice , it suddenly became a hit..

Adina won the 'Best Female Vocalist ' award later on at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, and she has been silent ever since  *I stand to be corrected thou* ,and that makes me wonder why ..

Why is Adina delaying in giving us a new hit?.

Consistency is key, and our system has changed.  If you do not plan on quitting music,then do not break. .

I can go on and on about musicians who are struggling at the moment as a result of 'relaxing or breaking ' ,but I do not want to mention names.

The moment you break, that is when your competitor will  set in,and Ghanaians love new things. .

So do not go for a break if you ain't quitting music..


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Bible Quote Of The Day

Happy Sunday guys..
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