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Drake Tattoos Lil Wayne's Face On His Arm

What is so special about tattoos? ..*just wondering *
Rapper Drake has tattooed Lil Wayne's face on his arm..
Drake debuted his latest ink - Lil Wayne's face on his left tricep - while hosting HAW Weekend on Sunday at Houston hotspot Spire.
Is this a sign of Loyalty? ..Probably. .

Yvonne Nelson Made A Lot Of Sense With Her Shots BUT....Written By Afia English

The 2017 edition of the Golden Movie Awards was held on Saturday at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra,Ghana.
As usual, our regular slay queens did not fail to impress, and it seems Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has a problem with that..
Yvonne took to twitter to express her concern about the award scheme and the movie industry. .
Check out her tweets below;

Yvonne Nelson
@yvonnenelsongh This is meant for those with foresight !!Those who don’t only wake up and think about slaying but about getting Ghanaian content out there!
Yvonne Nelson @yvonnenelsongh When an industry doesn’t know its priorities, this is what happens!!!! The shallow minds will def have a problem with this.
Yvonne Nelson @yvonnenelsongh Listen,let’s put in same energy to bring back the dead industry rather than slay on carpets cuz truthfully y’all know there’s no work!
Yvonne Nelson @yvonnenelsongh Waiting for the day there’s no production to nominate since that has skipped them!
Yvonne Nelson @yvonnenelsongh The indus…

KFC Ghana Poised To Open It's 13th Store

I love their chicken..What about you?
KFC Ghana just took to Facebook to announce the establishment of their 13th store.
They said " Our 13th store is opening soon and we can't wait" -KFC Ghana.

Ed Sheeran Back On Twitter After Brief Disappearance

Ed Sheeran's disappearance from Twitter was shortlived..
The singer's account is back online hours after it suddenly vanished. All of Sheeran's tweets since April 2013 have been removed, and the singer's more than 19 million followers have been reduced to 14.5 million at press time.
Ed deleted his Twitter account after he got slammed for his ' Game of Thrones ' cameo..
Welcome back Ed....

Ed Sheeran deletes his Twitter account after getting slammed for his 'Game of Thrones' cameo

oh Ed , small trolling u run?
Singer-turned-actor Ed Sheeran had assured fans earlier this month that he was just taking a break from the Twitter hate, not quitting the platform completely as reported. 

But on Monday afternoon, less than a full day he appeared in the highly anticipated Game of Thrones season premiere, his Twitter account @edsheeran was deleted.
He is still on instagram thou..

Ed Sheeran Spotted In The 'Game Of Thrones'

English singer Ed Sheeran was yesterday spotted in the seventh season of the 'Game of thrones' . He appeared as a guest star and fans are already calling for Arya to kill him.

The scene left the door open for the singer to also feature in the next episode, though he doesn't feature in the trailer for it.
Co-showrunner David Benioff previously explained of the cameo: "We knew that Maisie was a big fan of Ed Sheeran and for years we’ve been trying to get him on the show so we can surprise Maisie. This year we finally did it."

What Happened To Ghana Blogging And Social Media Awards?...Written By Afia English

Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards is an award scheme that recognises blogs, bloggers and netizens who produce and publish compelling content related to Ghana.
Did You Know?
Almost a year after setting up my first blog , it got nominated as the 'Best New Blog' at the 2014 Ghana Blogging and Social Media Awards. Since it's first edition in 2013,they have been consistent , except this year, and this raises a lot of questions.
Has the 2017 edition been postponed or the award scheme has been cancelled?

Why Is Adina Delaying In Giving Us Another Hit Song?..Written by Afia English

Ghanaian singer Adina  entertained us this year with a nice song titled 'too late' (my personal favorite ) ,and because the song was nice , it suddenly became a hit..
Adina won the 'Best Female Vocalist ' award later on at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, and she has been silent ever since  *I stand to be corrected thou* ,and that makes me wonder why ..
Why is Adina delaying in giving us a new hit?.
Consistency is key, and our system has changed.  If you do not plan on quitting music,then do not break. .
I can go on and on about musicians who are struggling at the moment as a result of 'relaxing or breaking ' ,but I do not want to mention names.
The moment you break, that is when your competitor will  set in,and Ghanaians love new things. .
So do not go for a break if you ain't quitting music..

NSS Ghana Releases Postings For the 2017/2018 National Service. .Dial *714*77# To See Your Posting

The National Service Secretariat has deployed 91,871 personnel to serve in various institutions as part of their 1-year mandatory service to the country.
According to Nana B,the deputy director of NSS, one can check his or her posting by dialing *714*77# on all networks.
It cost 2 Gh cedi's...

VIDEO: Zylofon Media Will Soon Establish An 'Act Club'- Sammy Flex

Samuel Atuobi Baah, Zylofon Media Company's head of Communications, has disclosed that Zylofon Media will soon establish an 'Act Club' that will give upcoming actors, models etc the chance to exhibit their talent.
He made this statement during an interview on Montie fm's entertainment show..

Check out the video below ;