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The Three Types Of People In Your Life...Written By AFIA ENGLISH



There are three types of people in every one’s life. These three types of people who come into our lives include Confidants, Constituents and Comrades.

I was listening to a pastor on radio one day and he enlightened me about the confidants, constituents and comrades in our lives.

CONFIDANTS - constitutes the people in your life who are very loyal. Those who love you for who you are and not what you have or how you look like. Confidants stick with you through ‘thick and thin’ unlike the Constituents. They are with you in health and sickness, richness or poorer. Some confidants even help you to commit crimes (which is bad in my opinion).

CONSTITUENTS - these type of people come into your life when they see you moving to the direction that they want to go. Mind you, If you move slowly, they would find the next available car which is moving faster. Example is a girlfriend who is dating you because of your money or fame. Your Corolla S is okay for now but Just wait until she meets a guy in a Range Rover, she’s gone.
Personally, I have had some friends who became close to me because I was moving in a direction that  they wanted to go,and the moment something slowed me down,they moved to the next available 'flight' which was moving faster than mine.

COMRADES- come into your life because you have a common enemy thus When you are fighting against the same enemy. Smaller political parties forge alliance with bigger political parties to unsit an incumbent government not because they love themselves, but because they both have a ‘common enemy’. Example- CPP aligned with the NPP to dethrone the NDC in the  2000 elections. There is a saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. 

Did you learn something from this?.

If YES, do share because sharing is Sexy *wink*....

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