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Sickles Music to release Goody Babi’s 2 New Tracks on 27th June

Afro pop Queen and Wakalo Hit Maker Goody Babi is determined to take her music career to greater heights. On the 27th of June, she will give her fans 2 new songs, Mbalo and Taking Over produced and Mastered by Mr. Phrymx of Sickles Music.

Other songs to her credit include but not limited to - Twale Mama, Love is the Way, Is Already Night, and the trending hit song Wakalo which is making waves on social media and various radio stations across the world. Her music videos are available on Youtube and Facebook, and is also showing on selected TV Stations.

When not in the recording booth, Goody Babi is busy doing professional make up, shooting Street Levels social experiment prank that is currently the talk of the town and her podcast Tory Time.

The song MBALO means to be focused in anything you do and not to allow the opinion of others overwhelm you. Goody went to say that “…because not everyone likes you so therefore be focused on anything that makes you happy”.
Inspired by a true-life experience, the song Mbalo is because of her break up with her boyfriend who told her people said this and that at the end he believed them and when he finally found out that she was innocent, he pleaded for her return but “it was everlastingly too late and I moved on. So, in a line in the song, you will hear me sing “Red Card” to the haters because they thought it the end for me but no so that is Mbalo”.

TAKING OVER means am taking over in anything I do as far as entertainment it concernd “…because am good at what I do and people love what I do and it came as a result of the feedback I got from my fans for my previous work and others are not happy then I came up with it that am taking over”.

Sickles Music wishes to thank all the DJs who have been supporting Goody Babi’s career and appeals to the radio stations and other prominent DJs across Africa who love and play good music to take a listen to the new tracks – Mbalo & Taking Over.
Chuks Ineh.


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