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'Game Of Thrones' : Review of Characters...Written By Afia English

I have already disclosed that 'Game of Thrones' is the best television series I have ever watched.

One of the lessons learnt is 'YOU DON'T WIN IN THE GAME OF THRONES WITH LOVE AND HONOUR'..That is why Ned Stark and his son Rob Stark both died out of honour and love respectively. 

Once again, Game of thrones is the best movie alive.. I will be reviewing their characters one by one..Let's start with the Stark's..

HOUSE STARK - This house is the most honourable house with the most honourable man as the Lord of Winterfell by name Ned Stark..They have experienced much pain than any other house. It seems Arya is coming back to avenge her family.

NED STARK- Is the Lord of Winterfell. He is known as the most honourable man with six children namely Rob Stark, Sansa Stark, Aya Stark, Bryan Stark, Reekon Stark and Jon Snow ( a bastard )..I loved Ned Stark..He was a handsome man and very honourable. I nearly cried when his head was chopped off by King Jeffrey. .Ned didn't win in the game of thrones because in the game of thrones, you don't win with 'honour'..

ROB STARK - Rob was my crush o..Am sure I cried when he was stabbed several times in House Frey. .I couldn't believe that my favourite character was just killed off.. He died when he chose love while fighting in the Game of thrones.

JON STARK- The 'bastard' who rose up to become the king of the North, And his real name has apparently been confirmed, thus Jaenerys Targaryean.

HOUSE LANNISTER - The richest house made up of the most wicked characters . 
KING JEFFREY- A Vicious boy with a Crown on his head.. Jeffrey was a wicked king with no respect for the elderly.

SEISY LANNISTER - A vicious woman with a crown on her head..A very smart,intelligent and wicked queen. She never loved King Robert enough to even bore him kids..All her three children were not Robert's biological kids..


LITTLE FINGER - lol this man is a crook..Very cunning and the smartest.. I just love his character. . Sansa once said "only a fool will trust Little Finger" ,and I totally agree. .


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