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Ghanaian Actor Jeffrey Nortey, who doubles as a TV Presenter and a Spoken Word Artist, took some time off his busy schedule to talk to blogger Afia English.

Did you know Jeffrey Nortey is also an upcoming  rapper?.lol..herh the guy can rap..Ask his brother in "rap crime", Anthony

Anyway,this is how it all went down..

1) AFIA ENGLISH- Who is Jeffrey Nortey? 

JEFFREY NORTEY -  Jeffrey nortey  is a student an actor and a TV  host.  He is the guy who has been tossed to and fro but still pushing with the help of God ..

2) AFIA ENGLISH-What kind of roles do you prefer? 

JEFFREY NORTEY - Well I prefer roles you can't picture me play,thus roles that makes me step into the shoes of a character fully without remembering my own name. 

3) AFIA ENGLISH-  What character was the toughest for you to change into?

JEFFREY NORTEY -  I played this role in heaven directed by Abu idi.  I find it difficult to give a character profile for that particular character but let me try . A guy who has been lonely for long in an isolated place falls in love with a lady who was for seeking revenge. The thing is the character is not really normal due to the fact that he has been lonely for long.

4) AFIA ENGLISH - When was your first role as an actor?

JEFFERY NORTEY- Eishhh some years back when I featured in secret text message . Lol I can't even define the role cos charleeey  I was been tried lol.

5) AFIA ENGLISH - Who is your favorite actor?

JEFFREY NORTEY-  I love tyler  Perry and majid  Michel

6) AFIA ENGLISH- woww,thats cool. So how are you able to combine books with acting and tv presenting? 

JEFFREY NORTEY - not easy at allll.  Hmmmmm  but some way someway  we are coping . I don't know how it works, I keep wondering how I slay through every semester . Is God.

7)AFIA ENGLISH- Surely , God is Good.. Lets get to your new show 'buzz xtra' is it going?

JEFFREY NORTEY -  Is going well by his grace ... challenges here and there but in all , God has been good .

8) AFIA ENGLISH - Who is your celebrity crush?

JEFFERY NORTEY - hahahaha  crush who kwraaaa  ermmm  see I dey feel Lydia forson and there is something about gloria  sarfo hmmmm.

9) AFIA ENGLISH- Are you single? am sure your female fans would want to know.

JEFFREY NORTEY -When i say am single, they say is a lie .. so I don't know why they ask that question if they know I will tell lies. Am single.

10)AFIA ENGLISH - Is there any hobby or activity that u prefer next to acting? 

JEFFREY NORTEY - I love to write.Currently, am trying my hands on spoken words.

11)AFIA ENGLISH- I have seen that video..very inspiring.truely, we need peace during and after the elections. What inspired u to come up with it? 
JEFFREY NORTEY - I wanted to contribute to the peace campaign, so i decided to challenge myself put there words together prayed over it ..and trust me the response is encouraging..

12)AFIA ENGLISH- YES.that was proud of you.keep it up..Anything you want to say to anyone or your fans out there?...

JEFFREY NORTEY - By his Grace the fun base have increased. . I call them family . Firstly I thank God for how far he has brought me. Thanks to everyone who supports the dream and Thank you for this moment .
Let's all put  God first in everything like the good book says , seek ye  first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added .

You can interact with Jeffrey via;

Facebook : Jeffrey Nortey 

Instagram : @jeffreynortey1


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