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I wrote this piece two years ago because some men and women were misinforming others about the theory 'FEMINISM'. It seems some people are still confused about it. I hope this article helps to inform you better about the Feminism theory.

Two years ago, I heard something on ATL radio. I do not recall the name of the female presenter who was hosting the programme but I remember what happened that I did not like.
They were analysing a suggestion stated by a female member of parliament indicating that ‘boys/men should be compelled to marry girls/women (particularly teenage girls) they impregnate. One girl commented on social media saying ‘if this is passed, it will deter the girls from fornicating, thereby getting more virgins in the system, she further advised ladies to keep their virginity till they get married..

The female presenter’s response was ‘oh really? I am a FEMINIST so I do not agree with this comment t…
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King Promise Featured On BBC World News

Ghanaian artist King Promise has been featured on BBC World News (Focus On Africa).
This is certainly a Plus for this great talent rising up.
Congratulations King.
Check Video below:

VIDEO: Lord Kenya Reacts To Ofori Amponsah's Claim That He Became A Pastor As A Result Of A Heart Break

Lord Kenya has reacted to Ofori Amponsah's claim that he became a Pastor as a result of a heart break. 
Lord says he nearly cried.
He has adviced Ofori Amponsah to be very careful.
Check video below;

Kylie Jenner Criticised for Promoting Waist Trainer

Kylie Jenner has been slammed by critics for promoting waist trainer to help women's bodies 'snap back' faster after pregnancy.
On Monday, the 20 year old new mom posted on Instagram : 'My girl @premadonna87 hooked me up with the @waistgangsociety snap back package.
'Waistgang has the BEST quality snap back products. Make sure you get your package and follow @waistgangsociety to join and keep up the journey together.'
But critics on social media are upset with Kylie for promoting them at all, accusing her of setting unattainable beauty standards, encouraging unhealthy practices, and making new moms who don't 'snap back' as quickly as she has feel bad.
Why are some people angry?.Is this not what she has been doing all these years?

Zylofon Media Communications : Is Sammy Flex Really In 'Charge'?..Written By Afia English

By Afia English 
Crisis at Zylofon Media or A Stunt Gone Gone Bad?
Bulldog who is the A&R for Zylofon Media had a banter with Stonebwoy over the weekend.
Prior to this incident, certain things occurred that made me ask this question " as the Head of Communications for Zylofon Media,Is Sammy Flex really in Charge? "

Sammy Flex is an astute communicator,very smart and intelligent. One of my mentors actually, I call him 'BOSS'.

An incident such as this happens and for more than 10 hours, there was no press release, leaving room for people to speculate because the opponent Stonebwoy had already opened up about the issue.

Next thing we see is the CEO Nana Mensah once again doing the work of the PR. Instead of the Public Relations Officer releasing a statement, it was rather the CEO.

Yesterday, Nana Mensah apologised to Stonebwoy and I am wondering why this apology did not come earlier on from the communication team of Zylofon Media ?

In any case,Nana Mensah please wh…

Reasons Why Lynx Entertainment Might Loose Out On Two or More 'Deserved' Awards At the 2018 VGMA..Written By Afia English

I have always had this opinion that 'as an artist manager,you should not sign two artists of the same genre at the same time.'  Do you know why?. Because one will always override the other professionally. Ego's can clash.
I never quite understood why Don Jazzy signed Di Ja whiles he had Tiwa Savage. It's like managing Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.
First of all,signing two artists of the same genre confuses the fans. Personally, I get confused sometimes when it comes to Kidi and Kuame Eugene. Initially, I was unable to differentiate between their songs. Secondly, one will always outshine the other and that is when personality clashes. Example: do you remember how gallant Shatta Wale's signing to Zylofon Media was as compared to Stonebwoy's own?
Also,the label will loose out on so many awards assuming both artists happens to do so well in a particular year.
Now,this is the reason why one of the best record labels in Ghana,Lynx Entertainment will loose out on some …

Members Of PepperDem Ministries Are Not Feminists : They Are Just A Group Of Radical Feminists( Man Haters)....Written By Afia English

Members Of PepperDem Ministries Are Not Feminists : They Are Just A Group Of Radical Feminists( Man Haters)....Written By Afia English

Pepper Gang Ministries are just a group of RADICAL FEMINISTS.  They are not 'FEMINISTS' .

Tell them AFIA ENGLISH says so. The Theory FEMINISM is just basically about equal rights and opportunities for both sexes ,so any gender that tries to fight superiority over the other,is just going contrary to the basic principles of the theory.

It bothers me when most people term 'Feminists' as women who hate men because it is not so.
In 1970’s, women started developing this theory (feminism) which helped to explain their oppression.
However, by 1980’s, feminists started disagreeing on particular issues linked to feminism. What was once one theory began to branch out into many theories that focused on different feminist issues.
Today, there are many definitions of feminism as there are different types of feminists. 

So before you say you are a fe…

Black Panther : Xhosa is one of the hardest languages on the planet - Lupita Nyong'o

Actresses Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira spent months trying to nail the perfect Xhosa accent and pronunciation for their roles in Black Panther , and credited local stars for helping them master “one of the hardest languages on the planet.”
The pair were in South Africa for the premiere of the Marvel blockbuster this past weekend and told media at a special roundtable discussion that it took them a while to learn the language.
“The clicks are no joke. Danai experienced some of it having been here for a semester before, but some of us didn’t. It was quite the challenge because it is one of the hardest languages on the planet,” Lupita said.
“I love it for that. I love how specific and unique and beautiful it is,” Danai added.
Danai said despite their difficulties in getting used to the language, cast members on the set of the film often tried to complete entire scenes in Xhosa.
“We worked really hard and we tried to speak Xhosa as much as we could. I was like: ‘I can say that in Xhos…