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I wrote this piece two years ago because some men and women were misinforming others about the theory 'FEMINISM'. It seems some people are still confused about it. I hope this article helps to inform you better about the Feminism theory.

Two years ago, I heard something on ATL radio. I do not recall the name of the female presenter who was hosting the programme but I remember what happened that I did not like.
They were analysing a suggestion stated by a female member of parliament indicating that ‘boys/men should be compelled to marry girls/women (particularly teenage girls) they impregnate. One girl commented on social media saying ‘if this is passed, it will deter the girls from fornicating, thereby getting more virgins in the system, she further advised ladies to keep their virginity till they get married..

The female presenter’s response was ‘oh really? I am a FEMINIST so I do not agree with this comment t…
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Angela Okorie Goes Bald

I have been an advocate for natural short hair for years *I have a hair cut* but I am not sure I can ever be bold enough to go bald.
Nigerian actress Angela Okorie is the latest to throw this challenge. She posted her new look on instagram few hours ago.

What do you think?

Ghs 14m Released By Government To Pay Teachers Arrears from 2013-2016 -Dr. Bawumia

Teachers please get in here.GOOD NEWS. 
Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has disclosed that the Finance Ministry has released Ghs14, 172, 313.23 to settle salary arrears for validated teachers engaged between 2013 and 2016.

Speaking at the 5th Quadrennial and 52nd National Delegates Conference of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) at Cape Coast on Thursday January 4, 2018, Dr. 
Bawumia said the government places high premium on education and will make sure the sector is improved.
“I have good news for you. The Minister of Finance has released funds for the arrears of teachers validated between January 2013 and December 2016. All those validated between this period will be receiving their arrears soon, while we work on the others as speedily as possible,” the vice president announced.
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Happy New Year Message From Afia English

Wow We Made it Guys.....HAPPY NEW YEAR.
I have a message for you this morning. GOD IS GOOD. GOD IS GREAT. THANK YOU JESUS.
In 2017, I shared a testimony with you about my job. Do you know even before I graduated from University of Cape Coast,I believed that I will not stay home but will get a job,i prayed over it and God being so GOOD,he acted upon my faith by blessing me with a job at the Ministry of Defence,GAF,4BN ,Kumasi. So my dear one,HAVE FAITH,PRAY AND WORK HARD. God Almighty will answer your prayers. It doesn't matter how long it takes,HE WILL EVENTUALLY ANSWER.
Lastly, I have this new testimony. I lost 'something' in January 2017 and it brought me great pain. So I asked God to restore every 'lost Glory' if it is mine before the year ends. At the back of my mind,I had so much FAITH that ,even if it is left with one day or an hour to 2018,my God Almighty will answer my prayer. On the 30th of December 2017,I was just talking to God and I was like 'oh de…

Boys/Men Who Mostly Kneel To Apologize After Cheating Are 'Serial Womanizers' So Ladies PleaseTake Note: ' E Bi Alo Move'..Written By Afia English

My roommate was like 'OMG Afia,how did you know?..My ex always kneeled to apologize after cheating on me. I forgive him,and he will move on to the next girl. One time,he knelt to apologize at a gathering.'  after I told her and my other roommates that ' Boys/Men Who Mostly Kneel To Apologize After Cheating Are Serial Womanizers '.
Just like you are doubting rightnow,I did not completely believe it when a friend told me until my roommate confirmed it.
According to her, he never changed after kneeling to apologize every time he cheated, and that was a 'serial womanizer'.
That kneeling move is just like a game to them,some 'Alo'  move bi. He made you feel so special right?.So you thought he will never do that again because he showed remorse.

The truth is ,Men are naturally 'Polygamous'. Honestly, it will be NAIVE of any woman to think that her Husband will 'taste' only her 'V' for the rest of his life. C'mon.
Men cheat because …

'My Own' Verse by Sarkodie at the Rapperholic Concert is a Remix - Samini Confirms

The much talked about rap version of 'my own' by Sarkodie at the Rapperholic concert has been confirmed by Samini as the song's remix.

Confirming it on Instagram,Samini assured fans that the remix produced by LoudCityMusic in Seattle will be out soon. 

VIDEO: Linda Ikeji Featured On CNN

Do you remember this story?.
'And the CNN crew came to interview me' -Linda Ikeji brags Story

Linda talked about how some CNN reporters came to interview her.

The feature was live on CNN Inside Africa and she just posted it on instagram.

Proud of you Linda.

Students of Auchi Polytechnic used one of my articles as a Case Study : Check it out

I was so excited when I realised that some students of Auchi Polytechnic in Nigeria had used my second article 'Social Media Networks: Is It A Blessing or A Curse? as a case study. Check it Here
Honestly, I felt proud and motivated to write more. This happened in 2014 but I just thought of sharing this to my new readers and supporters.
Thank you for being there.